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We bring together a team of strategists, architects, software engineers, testers and increasingly growth hackers to deliver our mobile app development and full stack cloud solutions.

Mobile, Social, Web, FullStack, Cloud

Mobile App, Web and Full Stack Development

Our technical teams can build you mobile and web apps from scratch or take over an existing product. We will handle the complete product engineering while you focus on your business.

  • High performance architecture
  • iOS, Android, Hybrid, Web, Angular.js
  • Python, Ruby, Node.js, PHP
  • Social integration, gamification, third party integrations
  • Cloud platform selection and configuration
  • parse.com, Google App Engine, AWS, Open Stack
  • Testing on multiple devices manually and automated

Minimum Viable Product

Got an idea? We'll build your MVP

Our experts will help you decide how to prototype, validate, measure and learn with limited resources but lots of gumption. To craft your Minimum Viable Product, we will

  • work with you to decide the core functionality,
  • design the UX,
  • build the minimal prototype,
  • tie in measurement in the prototype,

Why Choose Ignite?

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick...

Startups and mobile apps succeed by understanding value to customers, effective growth hacking, measurements and quick iterations (and, of course, robust technology capabilities)

We live and breathe these ourselves and with our customers by adopting the principles of lean startups.

You've come to the right place!

We're good at what we do

We are skilled at high performance architectures, robust code and solid engineering.

We've got client side native, hybrid and web app as well as cloud and full stack expertise.

We're retooling ourselves constantly. We're building our center of excellence on Machine Learning, Wearables and Internet of Things.

We walk the talk

We are a lean startup ourselves and have experienced the full lifecycle of building and marketing our own apps. We've distilled our learnings and processes into a methodology that works for startups and apps.

We keep refining our process and our offerings as we launch and learn from our own mobile apps.

We align with your strategy

We care deeply about your strategy, your vision and your success. Our teams get into the guts of your execution strategy and make sure our services are fully aligned with your needs, including recommending MVP functionality, tactics to acquire / engage users, effective measurement of key metrics and many more aspects to ensure your success.

We turn on a dime

Change is the only certainty. Our teams react to new ideas and features, changing requirements, new target customers and newer features with alacrity, enthusiasm and quick thinking solutions.

Go ahead, pivot away!

We delight our customers

We aim high, we deliver well, we develop long term relationships and we take pride in delighting our customers. We say what we mean and we mean what we say! We communicate early and we communicate often. We highly value integrity. We don't hesitate to go the extra mile and our customers will vouch for that.

Our Work

  • ShowMate

    ShowMate: Enjoy TV Shows

    ShowMate gets you the inside track with your favorite TV shows.

    Smart TV guide

    Find, buy and watch episodes from the best OTT source

    Engage with the show, stars, fans, gossip, news & social conversations.

  • KBaang!


    Your Voice, Your Photos, Your Life℠

    Photos and comments with voice, sounds and music

    Share to private or public groups

    Fast, reactive UI on a high scale platform

  • Usersource SDK


    Mobile Visual Feedback Done Right!

    Quickly integrated rich, contextual feedback in your mobile app

    SDK for iOS, Android and Hybrid

    Visually annotate screenshots

    Dashboard to manage workflow and engage users

  • CluedIn App


    Declutter and get only the news that matters. To you.

    Frictionless setup

    Intelligence through machine learning

    Super high performance

    Designed to make the user feel awesome

  • CouchReader


    Get your social feeds directly on TV

    Works on standard TVs using Digital Cable

    Connect personal social feeds, obtain news

    Only remote control based input

    Integrated with cable service (MSO)

  • Eye On FIFA

    Eye On 2014 Cup

    Enjoy every breathtaking moment of world football championships.

    Latest trending news

    Live scores with awesome match timeline

    Latest trending news based on social shares

    Gamification with badges

  • Annot8 App


    Discuss and suggest features for anything

    Annotate any screenshot or photo

    Share it to your network

    Engage in a discussion and obtain updates

    iOS and Android

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