We understand startups!

We are a lean startup ourselves. We’ve distilled the internal processes used to build our own products into a methodology that works for your startup.

Whether you need to create a product or app from scratch, including concept, prototype, MVP or product releases or whether you are looking for a partner, we can help you.

Mobile, Social, Web, Cloud

Mobile, Social, Cloud

Our services include iOS, Android, Web and Cloud. We do native mobile and we do I-can’t believe its HTML5 apps.

We have expertise in social platforms and can integrate and extract meaningul information from facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other platforms.

We’ve work in with Python, node.js, RubyAWS, Google App Engine, multiple SDKs for mobile.

We'll handle your technology from concept to architecture right to through deployment.


Analytics and Validated Learning

We will work with you to determine MVP and feature priortization. We can help you chart a measurement plan. We will track the usage with google analytics or other analytic platforms. More importantly, we will review the reports and work with you in fine tuning your concept into a successful product.

Our Products

  • ShowMate

    ShowMate: Enjoy TV Shows

    ShowMate gets you the inside track with your favorite TV shows.

    Watch episodes, get news, participate in gossip and engage with the show, stars and fans.

    Learn More For Broadcasters
  • Eye On FIFA

    Eye On 2014 Cup

    Enjoy every breathtaking moment of world football championships.

    Learn More
  • Stealth App

    Stealth Project

    Declutter and get only the news that matters. To you.

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About Us

We love to turn ideas into beautiful things.

We tinker, we learn, we apply and we tinker some more. We take experimentation seriously and we apply our learnings to every project we tackle, our own or for our customers. The end results are beautiful, functional and scaleable solutions.

Since 2010, we have been working in leading edge solutions. Interactive TV, second screen experiences, TV apps and more. We've now expanded into improving how users consume news and sports information.

As we've mastered the art of lean startups, we've packged our services to help other entreprenuer take their ideas from concept all the way to the app store.

We work hard and play hard. We have fun solving technical complexities and we have fun working with our each other. We're an open, transparent company where every person's voice is heard and every idea is respected.

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