Rich, synchronized interactive TV and video experiences.

Second Screen.   Primary Screen.   TV or Online Video.

SideKick - A second screen platform to create rich interactive content and to deliver a second screen experience to tablets and phones synchronized to live TV

Create Content

Quickly build apps unique to your video or choose from our templates: Social, Commerce, Microsites, Vote-Poll, Trivia.

Markup Video

SideKick makes it easier than ever to markup video with interactivity that will keep your audience hooked.

Deliver synchronized content

Push content synchronized to the video to the viewer through dynamically launched mini-apps within the same launched experience.

SideKick is a complete solution to add interactivity to video and deliver synchronized apps and interactive content to connected primary and second screens


Establish an ecosystem for interactivity and viewer engagement

Enable newer services for your networks to keep your subscribers engaged in your ecosystem. Your viewers only have to download one app to access content for all the channels and shows.

Directly measure your viewers’ preferences and engagement. Serve targeted, local ads and allow users to purchase immediately.

All this is easier than you’d think! SideKick integrates with your existing infrastructure and leverages your established technologies and relationships. Your networks and content providers can easily configure, customize, deploy, and monitor their interactive apps and campaigns with our web-based tools and analytic dashboards.

TV Networks, Content Producers & Advertisers

Extend the relationship with viewers during and beyond the show

Creating custom apps for your shows has never been so easy! With our content templates and app creation services, create content that will keep your viewers hooked during or between shows.

Catch viewers across operators, online and on TV. With SideKick, you can create interactive content that spans the primary screen, second screen companion devices, and modern IP-based connected TVs. Provide immersive experiences that engage audiences as never before!

Measure customer preferences in real-time. You can also attract more ad revenue through interactive ads with easily measurable results.