We were a startup. We shipped, we pivoted, we struggled, we learned. We bring these learnings to help every product we manage.

Ignitesol creates solutions that form the backbone of emerging and established tech ventures. We enable entrepreneurs to build their concepts into successful businesses while we develop the software. 

Our services include UX, architecture, full-stack, UI, mobile, cloud, integration, DevOps, and remote CTO. We convert ideas into launchable products, and we partner with existing teams to accelerate their product development.

Our technical expertise surpasses industry norms. We are a growing team of top-notch developers, designers, and CTOs. Our UX-first approach coupled with our client-first philosophy ensures we build truly unique, customer-driven, high ROI products. 

Operating in its current form since 2014 from Pune in India, Ignite Solutions has clients around the world, including the US, Europe, and India.

Our Ideology
What makes us tick?

We align with client strategy

We’re constantly thinking about the business value of every decision. Our focus is to acquire, repeat, grow, and accelerate the outcomes.

We take a design-centric approach

The design is how it works, not just how it looks. We bake it into every aspect of the process knowing that the UX is the differentiator.

We reduce waste, go lean

We embrace lean strategy principles, focus on validating hypotheses in the real world, and push back on features that don’t add business value.

We push the solution’s boundaries

We retool internally and experiment with newer technologies. We apply machine learning, data science and other technologies to optimize solutions.

We’re rapid, always measure and iterate

We iterate rapidly and deploy often. Measure, evaluate and iterate again. We develop flexible architectures with hooks for future pivots and changes in any solution.

Who We Are
Founder and CEO at ignite solutions
Anand Shah

Founder and CEO

Anand is hands-on with most client engagements, always offering inputs and guidance to the teams. He serves as the CTO of several client companies.

The culture at Ignite reflects Anand’s own personal value system – one governed by honesty, integrity, quality, and a customer-first philosophy. His zeal for solving technical problems with a perfectionist approach drives the team’s motivation.

Anand’s passion is backed by 27 years of experience in the field of technology. Before Ignite, he was the SVP and CTO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS) in New Jersey.

And before that, he worked with a network management startup called Network Programs (also in New Jersey) and Consindia (in Mumbai). He holds an MS in Computer Science from Rutgers University and an M. Sc. Computer Science from the University of Pune.

Ignite began as Anand’s attempt to change the TV viewing experience, for which he crafted an interactive TV and second-screen viewing and publishing platform. A few pivots later, this idea was shelved but the lessons of the startup ecosystem were well-learned. Having built a solid team along the way, Anand transitioned the company to begin lending their expertise to product development for disruptive and breakthrough ideas.

Team Members
team member at ignite solutions
Juzar Malubhoy

Making Things Happen

team member at ignite solutions
Devesh Kumar Bhatnagar

Voice of Technical Reason

team member at ignite solutions
Imran Ahmed


Arpit Gandhi


team member at ignite solutions
Mansi Bhandare

Guardian of Quality

team member at ignite solutions
Manpreet Bhatti


team member at ignite solutions
Amit Yadav


team member at ignite solutions
Rashmi Mohod

Code Her Thing

team member at ignite solutions
Munira Masalawala

The Whip

team member at ignite solutions
Ajit Aher

The Game of Code

team member at ignite solutions
Roshni Nambiar

People’s Person

Ashish Thigle

Developer: Figuring Things Out

team member at ignite solutions
Sonali Gogate

Making people manage their projects

team member at ignite solutions
Aquid Shahwar

Tech Lead

team member at ignite solutions
Aditya Bhawsingka

keeping it simple

team member at ignite solutions
Sagnik Dutta

Desert Eagle

team member at ignite solutions
Arkaprabha Dey

Humanize technology

team member at ignite solutions
Rupali Rajput

Software Developer

team member at ignite solutions
Mukunda Mhasalkar


team member at ignite solutions
Aneri Mehta

piercing the mundane to find the marvelous

Aniket Dhagavkar

QA Engineer

Priyadarshee Joshi

Code Wizard

Kuldeep Chotrani

Software Engineer Intern

Sagar Dhake

Mobile Application Developer

Ishan Shrivastava

Software Engineer Intern

Radhika Jagtap

Ready to Learn

Nisa Konnakkattil

Search Engine

Rohit Swami

Being Pythonic

Tejas Manjarkar

Finding Bugs

Neha Kushwah

If it’s Android, it’s me

Nidhi Shukla

Software Developer

Ashish Awaghad

Write code for the small screen

Simran Kaila

Learning through doing

Vimarsh Bhatt

Art Director

Paresh Bhalke

Thinks on it

Jahanvi Vyas

Being Positive

Harshal Patil

Software Developer

Akshay Bhor

Code Artisan

Rohan Jangotra

while attempt != “success”: retry()

Shivam Vichare

Filming Experiences to Building Experiences

Kailash Chivhe


Himanshi Sharma


Prateek Jain

Tabs over spaces

Himanshi Sharma