Our Story

We were a startup. We shipped, we pivoted, we struggled, we learned. We bring these learnings to help every product we manage.

Ignite Solutions started as a product startup in interactive TV and second screen experiences in 2011.

From a TV based interactivity product, we pivoted to a synchronized two-screen product. The mobile app would determine what was playing on the TV and provide rich interactive content such as play-along, additional content, statistics and social feeds to the viewer. We built the delivery platform and the content authoring and publishing platform. Eventually, we moved to a smart guide with predictive insights and integrated social and content feeds.

The journey was exciting with many wins though sustainable success eluded us. 

We eventually decided to shelve that product. We had formed a formidable, crack-shot team and we had learned a lot. The question was: how do we use our superb team and all our lessons with no product?

We decided to package all that we had learned and offer that to any product, whether an entrepreneur’s concept, an existing startup or an established product. We convert ideas into beautiful launchable products and we can partner with existing teams to accelerate their product development.

Our Ideology

What makes us tick?

Align to our client's strategy

Constantly think about the business value of every decision, to acquire, to repeat, to grow, and to accelerate the outcomes.

Take a design-centric approach

The design is how it works, not just how it looks. Bake it into every aspect of the process knowing that the UX is the differentiator

Reduce waste. Go lean.

Embrace lean strategy principles. Focus on validating hypotheses in the real world. Push back on features that don't align to business value.

Push the solution's boundaries

Retool internally and experiment with newer technologies. Apply machine learning, data science and other technologies to client solutions.

Be rapid, always measure, iterate

Iterate rapidly and deploy often. Measure, evaluate and iterate again. Develop flexible architectures with hooks for future pivots and changes in any solution

Our Team

  • Chief Dreamer

    Anand Shah
  • Making Things Happen

    Juzar Malubhoy
  • Lead Ninja Hacker

    Rishi Diwan
  • Batman

  • Voice of Technical Reason

    Devesh Kumar Bhatnagar
  • Eye For The Detail

    Pradnya Dixit
  • Guardian of Quality

    Manasi Bhandare
  • Code Warrior

    Kaustubh Kurve
  • Mobilist

    Arpit Gandhi
  • UX Unicorn

    Shivani Arvikar
  • The Quiet Coder

    Yusuf Patrawala
  • !important

    Manpreet Bhatti
  • The Machinist

    Vivek Kumar
  • random.guy()

    Amit Yadav
  • The Pixel Primer

    Ritwij Goswami
  • @import awesome

    Jibran Shaikh
  • Code Her Thing

    Rashmi Mohod
  • The Whip

    Munira Masalawala
  • Snake Charmer

    Arkoprabho Chakraborti
  • Stack Holder

    Akash Kumar
  • iOS Walker

    Varun Mehta
  • Data Magician

    Vivek Bhansali
  • The Game of Code

    Ajit Aher
  • Role With It

    Roshni Nambiar

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