Hire a Flexible Dedicated Remote Development Team

Just like in-house development, minus the hassles.
Get the benefits of a dedicated development team with the flexibility to add specific experts for shorter duration, as needed.

Benefits of a FLEXible Dedicated team model

You get a dedicated team with diverse competency and skill sets that you can plan and budget for monthly. We work with you to determine the structure and expertise of this team.
You get the flexibility to hire dedicated or part-time experts for specific tasks and needs on the shortest notice. Tap into our ready pool of experts whenever the need arises.
Be cost-efficient with monthly budgeted dedicated teams and only pay-for-what-you-use for additional experts.
We plan the team onboarding and orientation to the codebase so that you don’t have to waste time and energy bringing new people on board.
We hire carefully to ensure that only A-grade team members work on your project. You get full control of dedicated resources without being worried about their training and management.


Why User Experience (UX) is much more than UI

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