QA Engineers

If you cannot tolerate badly behaving software, read further

We are seeking individuals who

  • Seek perfection and expect software to behave well
  • Bring a combination of creativity and analytical thinking to the testing process
  • Can analyse requirements and write test cases to cover all possible paths
  • Can support the business and development teams by identifying gaps in the requirements
  • Are comfortable working with web and mobile (Android and iOS) applications
  • Have a keen eye for detail and are able to point out even single pixel differences between UX designs and actual implementation

Your Skills

Our ideal candidate is

  • Adept at using mobile apps and can work comfortably with different flavours and Android and iOS, on different form factors 
  • Hands-on with multiple operating system like Windows, Linux, and MacOS and different browsers
  • Knowledgeable about the testing process and can contribute to enhancing the process
  • Exposed to automated testing using tools like Selenium or Robot framework
  • A strong personality who is able to stick to their guns and take on developers if necessary
  • Impeccable in written and verbal communication

Who are we and what makes us tick?

  • We’ve been a product startup. Nowadays, we work closely with other startups and help them with their product, technology, and growth needs.
  • We’re continually rethinking how we can make solutions better, simpler, and more effective. 
  • We are design-first. We create the designs, tinker with them and simplify them before executing on them.
  • We believe in small teams. Small teams and smart individuals can make things happen.
  • We like to have fun (so bring your sense of humour with you).
  • We have a no-bullshit work environment where you will work with other smart people who come to solve good technical problems and to have fun.
  • Oh, and your work will be used by millions of users.

What do we offer?

  • We have an open, honest culture. As part of our team, you will get to contribute to our ideas, our plans, and our success.
  • We treat you with respect (and trust you will do the same to your team members).
  • We hire carefully. Our hiring process results in getting people with the right attitude on-board
  • Your credentials are not as important as your skills, your attitude, and your motivation.
  • We promise you opportunities to master new and interesting technologies and domains

The job is for a full-time position at our Pune (Viman Nagar) office

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