We're proud of our people and our teams.

  • We’re rethinking how users consume content, be it video, or news or sports. We’re developing our own apps and technology platforms to bring out unique solutions.
  • We’re a startup. We also help other startups with their technology needs.
  • We believe in small teams. Small teams and smart individuals can make
  • things happen.
  • We have an open, honest culture. As part of our team, you will get to contribute to our ideas, our plans and our success.
  • We treat you with respect and trust you will do the same to your team members.
  • We hire carefully. Our hiring process results in getting people with the right
  • attitude onboard.
  • Your credentials are not as important as your skills, your attitude
  • and your motivation.
  • We like to have fun so bring your sense of humour with you.

Job Openings

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iOS Developers

May 27, 2019

Do you pride yourself to develop slick iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch apps? Can you make the mobile interface bend …

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We’re looking for crack-shot Python or NodeJS developers. Is that you? We help tomorrow’s best startups build out their products. We’re building …

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We’re looking for talented front-end developers. Is that you? We’re building cool web apps that are functional, social, fast and beautiful. …

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