Conceptualize a phone-and-app integrated desktop

Zilkr builds platforms that API-enable an enterprise’s telecom network. Requests and events in the telecom network, such as incoming calls, messages or outgoing calls, can now be integrated with Internet-based services.

Desktop app-of-apps for telephone and app integration

Zilkr came to Ignite to help conceptualize what such an integrated phone and desktop experience could look like. Furthermore, Zilkr wanted to explore what such an experience would require from a technology protocol perspective to allow 3rd party apps to execute in the Zilkr framework.

Ignite approached this as a high-intensity, design thinking project. We engaged with Zilkr’s senior management to outline user stories for key scenarios such as incoming calls and the tools required for salespersons, supporting outgoing calls and reminders and identifying spam calls.

Rather than jump into this from a UX design perspective, we applied a design thinking approach to balance the business needs of Zilkr, the user’s expectations and intuitive interfaces and the technology protocol that would sustain such a framework for 3rd party developed apps.

We developed a dynamic, interactive prototype that demonstrated all aspects of the user stories.

Zilkr was successful in taking this interactive prototype to their customers and getting traction for a new offering.