T.A.Z Case Study

Tiivra Autonomous Zone

Industry: A Travel & Lifestyle Community

Location: India

Timeline: 2021 – Ongoing

T.A.Z. is a biking community engagement platform with user generated and curated content for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The platform’s focus is to spotlight, engage, and celebrate the best biking content creators in India.


Our challenge was to rapidly design and build an engaging platform for riders, creators and curators using available content management technologies.

Tiivra desired to build a platform that encourages original and authentic content creation and curation. The platform’s design and functionalities needed to extend the Tiivra’s core brand language and allow the gamification of the content creation and curation process to engage the community.

Our Projects With Tiivra


Tiivra 100


Tiivra App Strategy

Our Role

Design conceptualization

UX and UI Design with an emphasis on content, media, and functionality

Visual design to be distinct yet align with the Tiivra mother brand

Technical platform selection

Technical development

Ongoing Updates

Related properties (TAZ Community, TIIVRA 100)

Scope of Work

Crafting a user experience that connects with the riding spirit from the first look

Making the platform rider-centric, and celebrating their achievements

Extending the brand language of Tiivra, both visually and content-wise, to connect all three properties (Tiivra, Tiivra100, and T.A.Z.) in one thread

A clean, bold, edgy, and functional website that promotes community engagement

Developing a media-heavy site in a performant, mobile-friendly way

Enabling easy content management for community updates

TAZ is a community website that brings original and authentic content to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Riders are engaged in the best of the content.

Content creation is quick and easy with minimum steps.

Use of off-the-shelf content management technology with custom development for a modern user generated content platform.

Gamified content creation and curation ensures that the community members keep up their competitive spirit; retaining the platform to be fresh and community moderated.

Creators and curators get bragging rights within their community of peers.

Building the T.A.Z. website was both fun and challenging as it required us to understand the nuances of the biking community while bringing innovation in UX and website design.

The website serves as the go-to platform for biking enthusiasts and our team is delighted that we executed the idea with precision from planning to development, yet again.