Tiivra 100 Case Study

Tiivra 100 Case Study

Industry: A Travel & Lifestyle Community

Location: India

Timeline: 2021

A platform that spotlights the 100 most passionate riders of the country as “Tiivra 100”
an exclusive community of passionate riders and content creators.


Tiivra selected the 100 most passionate riders in the country. We took on the challenge to create a website that celebrated these individuals, the Tiivra 100 riders, and bring them together as a community.
The key focus was to bring out the exclusivity and rider-first perspective of the brand, while also giving deserving riders the social currency and bragging rights to set them apart from the crowd.

Our Projects With Tiivra

Tiivra 100



Tiivra App Strategy

Our Role

Colorful and edgy visual design that puts the rider at the front and center
UX and UI design inspired by riding games & adventure sports
Presenting an overview of the community and engaged riders in an exciting way
A platform that acts as the gateway to the T.A.Z. (Tiivra Autonomous Zone) community

Scope of Work

Crafting a user experience that connects with the riding spirit from the first look

Highlighting the exclusive selection process for Tiivra 100

Making the platform rider-centric, and celebrating their achievements

Extending the brand language of Tiivra, both visually and content-wise, to connect all three properties (Tiivra, Tiivra100, and T.A.Z.) in one thread

A clean, bold, edgy, and functional website that promotes community engagement

Developing a media-heavy site in a performant, mobile-friendly way

Enabling easy content management for community updates

Every month, a rider is chosen and spotlighted

Welcoming the new members of the community

Every month, a rider is chosen and spotlighted

Welcoming the new members of the community

Individual Rider Profile Pages

Individual Rider Profile Pages

Tiivra 100 is a part of the T.A.Z. community platform, built with the sole purpose of spotlighting and celebrating the most passionate riders of the country. It was both fun and challenging to understand the biking ecosystem and then develop a site that reflects the brand’s rider-first perspective in a delightful and engaging way.